Assessing and Managing IBS-C - Final Assessment

The following questions are intended to assess your gained knowledge and practice of key aspects in the management of patients with IBS-C.
Learners will be able to confidently assess patients with symptoms suggestive of IBS‐C and make a clear diagnosis, using the Rome IV criteria and limited diagnostic testing, as needed.
Learners will be able to confidently select individualized treatment(s) for patients with IBS‐C, including the latest novel therapies to treat IBS-C
Learners will be able to use evidence‐based approaches for the management of IBS‐C including understanding the role of dietary therapy, behavioral health and CAM therapies.
Learners will be able to communicate more effectively with their patients to understand the symptoms, the burden of illness and impact of QOL. They will be able to use shared decision making in a patient-centered care model to effectively manage their patients with IBS-C.